Do you travel in the EU?

Activate your favorite Bundle “Talk to All” , travel in E.U. and with an extra fee of €5.4 only you can communicate with everyone as carefree as you communicate in Greece. Activate the Free2Roam In & Out bundle and get 200' to All national networks and also for incoming and outgoing calls to & from the EU, with 30 days validity, for just €10.08! Stay in contact with Friends & Family wherever you travel in E.U.!


Free2Roam In & Out

ALL national networks but also for EU roaming calls
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  • The Free2Roam In & Out Bundle’s validity is 30 days.
  • The Bundle’s consumptin in Greece operates like any other package, with the only difference that the 200' voice minutes can be consumed not only to Greece but also to 30 E.U. more countries. In this case the minimum call duration is 3 ', and thereafter every second while there is no charge for incoming calls.
  • Outgoing calls in the EU, when roaming are charged per second with minimum call duration of 3 minutes.
  • Consumption for incoming calls when roaming is per minute.
  • Among more than one offer / package / free minutes / SMS to the same destinations, first consumed the one that has the earliest expiration date.
  • The Free2Roam In & Out Bundle can be activated till 4 times every 30 days.
  • Voice minutes can be used for outgoing and incoming roaming calls to and from 30 E.U. countries. Moreover, the voice minutes can be used for national calls to all mobile and fixed networks in Greece.
  • Free minutes can't be consumed towards videocalls, non-geographic fixed line numbers (e.g. short codes), calls to third-party services or calls to and from satellite and maritime networks.
  • Bundle activation unlocks the F2G +More bundles, which can only be consumed in Greece.
  • The bundle is compatible with the WIND Roamer service. Free talk time from Free2Roam In & Out is consumed before free talk time from WIND Roamer.
  • The bundle is compatible with EuroTalk and Euro4All. Free talk time from Free2Roam In & Out is consumed first, followed by free talk time from EuroTalk, and finally Euro4All.
  • Free2Roam In & Out is valid in the following territories: Azores, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Aland Islands, Norway, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Portygal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland.
  • To find the excluded prefixes, please press HERE.