Online Exclusive Offer! The special Blender Βundle, so you can have it all for just €8.07!

It's so simple! Activate the Βlender Βundle & communicate in every way without fear of going over the limit!
Now you can talk to all, send SMS & surf anytime you wish without paying anything extra, because the Βundle's available usage is turned into whatever you actually need to cover your own needs!
You can talk for up to 400’ towards all Greek networks, send up to 100 SMS to all or surf using up to 1 GΒ.



Up to 400
Up to 100
Up to 1
100' + 100 SMS
to WIND & Q
Activate now

Don't forget that when you use one of the three (minutes, SMS, MB), the available balance of the other two also goes down.

For example, for every 1 SMS you send, your talk time goes down by 2 minutes and your data by 5 MB.


  • The Blender Bundle's duration is 30 days.
  • The free minutes & SMS from the online bundle bonus are valid for 15 days since the Bundle activation.
  • The free talk time is consumed initially with 3 minutes minimum call duration and then per second & the free ΜΒ per 1 ΚΒ.
  • The Βundle is activated up to 4 times per 30 days.
  • The Βundle unlocks the More Bundles.
  • The free minutes & SMS cannot be used towards non-geographic fixed line numbers (e.g. short codes).The free minutes, SMS & MB cannot be used while roaming.
  • The talk time can be used towards all mobile and fixed networks in Greece.
  • Balance update is offered through 1269, & the myF2G App.
  • Any other minutes, SMS, MB at your disposal from other Βundles or bonuses are consumed with priority, so you can enjoy the maximum benefit, as the Blender Βundle has a wider range of uses. E.g. if you have activated the 200’ to all Βundle and the Blender Βundle, and you talk to a Greek fixed telephone, the talk time from your 200’ Βundle will be used, and not the time from the Blender Βundle, so that the Blender Βundle remains at your disposal to surf or send SMS.
  • To use the free talk time and/or SMS and/or MB, from the embedded usage of activated prepaid bundles or offers, you must have at least €0.01 to your balance.