Before Your Trip

Before you go on a trip!

Find out which Roaming services are offered for your destination!

Activating the roaming service

  • 1. Check if roaming services are active for your number

    Roaming Service Activation for contract Customers

    Roaming service is activated, free of charge, if you ask so by calling customer service or visiting a WIND store or during the application process for a new contract.

    In any case, contact customer service before your departure to confirm the activation of the service for your phone number!

    Roaming Service Activation for Prepaid Customers

    The service is activated by default to all Prepaid customers.
    If you are a Prepaid customer renew your balance before your departure or take with you scratch cards.
  • 2. Check your roaming services are available depending on your destination

    For more information click here.
  • 3. Check if your terminal type is compatible with the foreign network’s frequency.
  • 4. Don’t forget to get with you your phone charger and travel adaptor.
  • 5. Note that the number 112 is the pan-European emergency number (except Bulgaria).

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